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We are a group of experienced designers, media buyers and quantitative analysts with a passion for optimization. Our goal is to
make mobile distribution the most efficient channel for all advertisers across the world. Thanks to our very diversified skillset,
we have developed proprietary methods to optimize the reach of all the campaigns we manage.


In the nascent world of mobile advertising, it is difficult to establish when conversions are authentic. At Natsoo, we are dedicated to make this process more transparent. As such, we will comply with any tracking system and will always share all the details of each conversion. That way, you can be sure that you get what you paid for.


Our key goal is to make sure that we add value for advertisers. To do so, it is important to always be on top of all the details. A small change to device targeting or angles in creative can be the difference between success and failure. This is why being rigorous is part of our DNA.


We are committed to our client, and once we take on a campaign, we will strive to deliver the maximum volume given the pre-agreed metrics. Building a good distribution for mobile download, app download or pay-per-call is difficult and we will not stop until we reached the optimal way of doing it.


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Mobile Content

Optimization of mobile content campaigns
based on CPM, CPL or CPA.

Mobile Surveys

User-friendly mobile surveys served on smartphone and tablet

Mobile Reach

Partnerships with the best mobile DSPs (SiteScout, Turn, Smaato)

Mobile Gaming

7 years of experience in the gaming

Optimized performance

To maximize quality and reach


The best campaigns always start with the best creatives. Finding the right one is difficult and this is why we are dedicated to always check the best design through rigorous A/B testing.


Targeting the right audience is key to make sure conversions follow. With the help of bayesian data analysis and machine learning algorithms, we are able to assess the best set of parameters to target in order to maximize volume at a given cost.


Our integrated framework, from creative design to media buying optimization, is the ground for our enhanced performance. As such, when we commit to a CPM, CPA, CPL or CPC campaign, we can always deliver.

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